Coming Soon – Anthropologie

“Coming Soon” as in, sometime in 2012, not next month. As noted in the summer issue of Walnut Creek Magazine, Anthropologie is coming to the former Mark Morris Tire shop located at Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Locust St. According to the Walnut Creek planning department it’s still undergoing design review.

This probably means Urban Outfitters on Olympic Blvd. is doing pretty well since they also own Anthropologie. This location is absolutely prime. Now I wonder what will go in the old post office that closed down last month a few stores away.

Thanks to a reader for pointing this out in this post’s comments.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Thanks for finding out more details on the Anthropologie scoop! Like I said before, it should have opened in Walnut Creek ages ago, and not Blackhawk. The location is perfect, and I hope it goes in sooner than later!

    • Thanks for pointing this out in the comments of the other post, I have added a thank you to the end of the post.

    • WC Fan

      I definitely agree. Before the Blackhawk store opened, there were rumors that it would open in Walnut Creek (in the space vacated by Andronico’s). Would have been perfect. My guess is that the Danville location will ultimately close once WC is up and running.

  • Oh no! Here goes all my hard earned money!!

    Seriously, this is awesome news. I love Anthropologie. Mostly during sales though, cuz wow. Pricey.

    • Glad you’re happy about them opening up. I wouldn’t mind a Uniqlo store in Walnut Creek personally.

  • Anon

    The phrase is “doing pretty well.”

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Can you find out why it seems that there is no work being done on this? The got rid of all those windows, and now it sits like a shell with no progress! I was hoping this would be completed by the end of Spring at least.

    • Maybe it’s going through some kind of design review, I’ll check. Looks like it won’t make it by Spring unfortunately.

      • Elizabeth Mackey

        Thanks! It just look like they completely stopped 🙁

        • I spoke to a city planner at WC today and he said there’s nothing on their end stopping anything. If I find out something else I’ll let you know. I guess we’ll see once the rain dries up. Opah seems to be going slowly as well.

        • I checked again yesterday and they are working on it towards the back side. It does seem to be slow going though.

  • Alit

    I interviewed for a manager position last nov/dec . It went very well , then nothing. I hope it is still coming ?!

    • Construction slowed down considerably the past couple of months but recently it’s picked up again so it looks like it’s still coming, maybe sometime in Autumn if I had to take a guess.