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B.H. Development Gets Approval for Downtown Parking Lot

According to a BtCreek reader comment, the Walnut Creek city council has awarded the downtown Walnut Creek parking lot project to B.H. Devlopment, overiding numerous correspondence from longtime Walnut Creek residents calling for Davidson & Licht to be awarded the project. Located at the corner of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and N. Main St, Davidson & Licht wanted to put up a jewelry store, wheres as BH Development offered the following:

Simple; metal (no stucco). Property will feature a Green Wall which will encompass all sides of the lobby tower making it a 3‐D feature. Corner retail plus a 3 level restaurant (bar/lounge on ground floor, 2nd floor kitchen, rooftop dining). Also proposes a “Commercial lane paseo dining concept”

Looks like this is a huge upset for Davidson & Licht and major win for BH Development. From the description I look forward to checking this out, especially the “Commercial lane paseo dining concept”. Outdoor dining concept possibly? Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Based on the BtCreek poll from yesterday, BH Development received 37.5% of the vote whereas Davidson & Licht received 50%, and “Nobody” received 12.5% for the question, “Which Company Should Walnut Creek Sell the Mt. Diablo/N. Main Parking Lot to?”