Question of the Day

Are We Over-Reacting, Not Doing Enough, or doing just the Right Amount in the Battle against Covid-19?

A few days ago I mentioned how playgrounds, skate parks and basketball courts are being closed in Moraga. Finally, the volleyball nets have been removed as well. Benches and parking lots are being draped with caution tape to discourage people from congregating to help battle the Covid-19 pandemic and save lives. At the same time, businesses and people are trying to make it in a world that is slowly suffocating due to stay at home orders. It’s been over a month now and as the weather improves I’m getting antsy stuck at home for so long.

Do you feel that the various orders and rules being issued are being done thoughtfully, to provide enough time to flatten the curve until antibody and Covid-19 tests can be mass-produced? Or is this hurting the economy too much? Millions of people have become unemployed and businesses are hanging on by a thread. Or is too little being done to stop the pandemic in its tracks? After all, if everyone stayed at home for two weeks the pandemic would cease to exist.

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