5 Year Anniversary for Beyond the Creek


I can’t believe it’s been five years for Beyond the Creek being online. I still enjoy walking around town finding out the latest shops and restaurants that are opening as well as taking in the great nature scenes that the East Bay has to offer. Thanks to everyone for reading and any tips you have emailed! In addition to tips, if you have any quality of life issues that you’d like featured please send those as well. Let’s see what the next five years has to bring!

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  • jab

    Thank you for all you do with this site.

  • Lauren

    Enjoy the site a lot – thanks!

  • momof3

    Appreciate all your work on this site! Thanks

  • OrindaSucks

    Keep up the great work! I really enjoy reading your site several times a week!

  • Yikes ahootie

    Congratulations! I love getting the inside scoop on local stuff! Sfgate.com is getting increasingly useless.

  • Tyler Snortum-Phelps

    Congrats! Your blog is a great local resource.

  • WC

    Thanks! I enjoy the site as a 1-3 times a day break from the daily grind…

  • Old curmudgeon

    Thank you for a forum for my curmudgeonly observations on living up the “creak”. I enjoy keeping up with the WC and I-680 corridor restaurant scene as it changes (not necessarily for the better). I will probably only try a tenth of the new offerings, usually only once. I have old favorites too.

    All in all the I-680 corridor is not bad for a series of spots in the burbs that are “over the hill and far away” from the metropolitan culinary ferment of the inner bay.

    I will carry on my campaign to point out the ridiculously named upscale chain stores that seem to proliferate in our local mall and other burbs in the area.

  • Nick

    I’ve personally found many great things I don’t think I would have discovered because of this blog. Thanks again for all your work on it!


  • PeteRPCV

    Count me as one of your fans. I enjoy keeping up on things in Walnut Creek

  • woop woop and huzzah huzzah, congratulations sir!