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“The Old Yellow House” Getting Restored in Orinda

One of the oldest houses in Orinda, known as, “The Old Yellow House”, despite its faded pink color, has been bought by architect James P. Wright who plans on having it restored by his firm Net Zero Homes, which will be documented on their Facebook page.

The house, built in 1894, is located at 209 Moraga Way, and had been on the market for many years before finally selling for $335K in March. At the end of 2007 it was listed at $875K. You can find out more about the house in a October, 2007 article in the Orinda News.

In addition to restoring the house itself, this looks like it’s a great marketing opportunity for Net Zero Homes due to the historical significance, and it being on a well-trafficked road. I look forward to checking up on the progress of this restoration.


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  • over thewater

    I too will follow this restoration with interest although I rarely work on buildings post 1850 myself.

    • 🙂 what a difference between old world and new!

      • over thewater

        Very true, I love living for part of the year in W.C. and watching the area evolve at to me a lightning speed while back at home I live in a community centered around a 13th century tower in a house that was built in the 1700’s….I appreciate both enviroments.Given the weather here at present though keep your eyes out for a happy Englishman sitting surrounded by little uns enjoying the sun in Broadway plaza in just a few weeks I hope.

        • Sounds like a good plan! When you’re out here try OL Beercafe and Bottle Shop (near Target) if you like beer, and let us know how it compares to an English pub.

          • over thewater

            My local pub here is somewhat of an English cliche, built in the 1600’s and serving beer brewed in the barn about 2 farms over from here.

          • Doesn’t get more authentic than that. Cool!