Library on Main Closes in Walnut Creek

1677 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Library on Main, the new American restaurant that replaced the Vietnamese fusion restaurant Élevé a couple of years ago (same owner), closed earlier this month in downtown Walnut Creek according to Diablo Dish. The Library on Main Instagram page mentioned in their final photo that they would be serving their last cocktail on September 16th.

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  • Yikes ahootie

    Not a big surprise, sadly. I wonder what will go in next?

    • Wushuron

      Probably another Peruvian restaurant. 😉

      • How much more raw fish can one neighborhood handle?!

        • SDNick484

          You’ll soon have your answer when this poke bubble bursts.

          • ChrisI

            Or the tuna population goes extinct.

      • Yikes ahootie

        Boba tea!

      • Old curmudgeon

        When I moved to the great WC over 20 years ago it was “Probably another Italian restaurant”.

  • WC

    Something is out of whack. Maybe the rents are based on a model that each person will spend $125 and the tables will turn over 3-4 times a night on the busy nights. I believe MoMo’s is expecting this, give me a break, $17 chicken sandwich and $8 beer. They are next on my ‘will be closing’ list.


    Library on Main
    Sunol Ridge
    Lark Creek
    Stella Bistro

    • roccobiale

      Crogans didn’t close, someone closed it.

      • WC

        True, that one was not a revenue issue.

        • Sassafraas

          We call it “NoNos” – as in, never gonna go in there. I work near the original one and it’s basically a glorified sports bar. Nothing wrong with that, but prices need to be in line with that.

  • Jack

    Totally agree with WC. Momo’s won’t last. WAY overpriced for corporate food.
    These prices are outrageous and Momo’s too big besides.

  • Old curmudgeon

    Wrong concept again. And then rents are to high to support a good library style lounge with affordable prices. Or a real pub.The economic model people with money are looking for is investing for quick return rather than a non-economic desire to meet the needs and desires of people for a long term. This problem goes beyond restaurants and watering holes.

  • ClaironCrumpet

    A shame, that. The round of drinks I had there was better than the ones I had at Rooftop, but the latter thrives while the former was never so.

  • drnoodle

    Let’s face it. Downtown Walnut Creek is effectively a giant mall without walls. That is the clientele and commerce it drives and thrives. Would you put a cocktail bar in a mall? Would you have a place with a solid beer menu and food prices over the average person? There will be no longevity in any company that relies on a trend (chain fashion, food, entertainment). There will be longevity in services without a brand that can adapt with change (salons, general boutique fashion, etc). There is an old guard in WC of lifelong residents and senior citizens that will keep places like Scott’s and the Yacht Club going. However they are on the clock as the population gets younger and newer. Buckle up. We are on our way to Palo Alto and Santana Row. Disneyland for adults.

  • Dana

    It’s really sad to see WC become this over crouded, over priced city. I miss the beautiful mall town that we once were. I miss the happy people too!

    • ChrisI

      You can thank greedy property owners.