Lawrence’s Meat Co. Closes in Alamo Plaza Shopping Center

Alamo Plaza Shopping Center

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Lawrence’s Walnut Creek Meat Company has closed after over 30 years in business in Alamo and over 125 years when they were located in downtown Walnut Creek. You can still see the signage on the side of the building where the Japanese resaturant Sasa is now.

Closed sign on door:

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  • anne

    Oh no! So sad to see it go, great items there.

  • Hesaidshesaid

    Yeah the new landlord and brokers representing the project are beyond greedy. I’m sure the plan was always to kick the long time local concepts out and replace with chains and big rents

  • Barbra515

    I hate what is happening to our area. So much greed. Very sad.

  • Mary Fouts

    Huh. I posted an innocuous comment about this issue and Alamo in general, my comment apparently was deleted. No worries, I have a copy.

    • Are you sure you posted here? No comments have been deleted from this post.

    • Yikes ahootie

      Sometimes Disqus eats comments.

  • momof3

    Very sad! Losing our one-of-a-kind shops that make the area special. What’s next? A Chipotle? And what about jobs for those butchers who worked there?

  • Nick

    That’s a total bummer! I’ll definitely be missing those guys.

  • Sylina Siu

    I will miss Lawrence’s forever. Best flavored grass-fed meats anywhere. Excellent quality steaks. I grew up here and they were my go to butcher for over 30 years. I saw the paper sign when it went up as I was going across the street to buy steaks for dinner. I just stopped in the middle of the parking lot and tears welled up in my eyes. I am still upset and I feel so bad for the Lawrence family. I loved that market and the history. I loved the localness of it. And yes, I want to drive, the owner of the plaza out of business. We have a lot of money here, yet we have a 3rd class burger place, no decent restaurants that can stay in business, way too many gym mills, and the parking is appallingly bad considering how many empty spaces there are. It is badly managed and looks run down, yet they jack up the rents and drive out unique local businesses like Richards and Lawrence’s. The only businesses that can afford to be there are chains. Alamo, with all its wealth, is between Walnut Creek and Danville, both of whom have gorgeous and thriving downtowns with a great restaurant scene and boutique shops and we have average and ordinary. Commuters have turned Danville Blvd into a 5th lane for congested freeway traffic and are killing off our town. It’s time we did something about it. It’s time we all spoke up.