Cine Cuvée Wine Bar Soft Opens in Orinda

4 Orinda Theatre Sq, Orinda

Back in October of last year we learned that a new movie-themed wine bar called Cinee Cuvée would be coming to Orinda Theatre Square and they are now having a soft opening according to their Facebook page:

Our soft opening has been going on. Stop by for a glass of wine or two!

Anyone have a chance to check this place out? They have a cool video on their Facebook page of a waterfall effect overlaying the famous movie shower scene from Psycho.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    What a cool looking place! This is what I had envisioned that they should have opened near the Dome in Pleasant Hill to draw more people and save the theater. Instead now there is a generic box store there! Good for Orinda for trying to keep things classy over there.