Philz Coffee Opening in Walnut Creek this Summer

1103 S. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

Exciting news as Philz Coffee is opening a new cafe this summer in downtown Walnut Creek! Thanks to a reader for pointing out that they are hiring a “store leader” for their new location next to Genova Delicatessen. Check out this Craigslist hiring post which points out the summer opening, also here. Check out their store menu here and more about their story here. How does Philz compare to Peet’s?

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  • Robbie Av

    I LOVE philz!

  • John Dark

    Philz and Peet’s are different, but both excellent. Two of my favorites.

    • Shaun M.

      agreed, these are my two favs as well when it comes to chains

  • Nick

    Will be interesting to see how crazy the lines get out here. I work in the financial district of SF, which should probably be renamed the coffee district, and even with the Philz truck literally a block away (and Blue Bottle, Coffee Cultures, Peet’s, multiple Starbucks, etc. all within a city block), their Front St. location still has lines that regularly exceed 20 minute waits. At least they accept Order Ahead, but then you risk your coffee being finished a little early and getting cold.

    On a side note, I actually got to meet Phil a few years ago when he came to talk to Haas, and he’s exactly as you’d expect him to be. I got to give him a lot of credit – he does a great job of running a customer focused business.

  • Steve

    Great news! Love their coffee

  • lulucaliente

    We need one in Shadelands.

  • Joel Villasenor


  • Mary Fouts

    Best coffee you will ever get is from brewing your own with beans from Thanksgiving Coffee Company in Ft. Bragg. Have placed monthly coffee bean orders from them for 20 years, their light roasts (my preference) are exquisite. Philz, Peets, and Bucks don’t stand a chance. Do you know that 80% of the coffee flavor is from the roast, and not the bean type or origin?

  • YayPhilz

    Thanks for posting! This is great news – I covet Philz coffee above all others. Mary, I brew/pull my own coffee daily, but appreciate ‘drinking out’ from time to time, especially when Philz does things like add fresh mint to the concoction. Obviously roasting is as important as origin, bean type. What do you think this is, the dark ages (pun intended)?! Anyway, great news!

  • Chris P

    so overrated

  • I’m excited and am wondering is this at the old Marie Callendars?