Judging Candy Stores – Powell’s Sweet Shoppe in Lafayette

Located at 3591 Mount Diablo Blvd in downtown Lafayette, Powell’s Sweet Shoppe is a really fun candy store that everyone can enjoy, thanks to the large selection of candy, including nostalgic brands like Necco Wafers, Fun Dips, and Whoppers. They also have a huge selection of bulk candy, including gelato, with Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory playing on a TV towards the back. Possibly dentists are the only people who may not appreciate a store like this.

When I go I always get a sea salt caramel and try to resist whatever my kids manage to get home. What’s the best candy to get at Powell’s?

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  • redrob808

    Chicko Sticks and Fun Dips take me back. Don’t forget to get Gelato. They have a really good selection, too.