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House of Bagels in Downtown Walnut Creek Offers Smart Phone Menu

Looks like House of Bagels on Locust St. in downtown Walnut Creek is on the cutting edge of technology, offering up its menu as a QR code displayed prominently on its front door. What I would like to know is whether anyone has ever scanned a QR code? Is this really useful?

On a side note, how are the bagels at this House of Bagels? Is this the same owner as in San Francisco? What’s the best type? I tend to prefer everything bagels myself.

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Moraga School District getting Sued for Millions for Covering Up Sex Abuse in the 90s

The lawsuits against the Moraga School District over sex abuse cover-ups in the 90s keep piling up. Just yesterday the Contra Costa Times reported that two “Jane Does” are suing the district for $30 million. This comes on the heel of the initial lawsuit against the school district by Kristen Cunnane who was also sexually abused in the 90s as well.

The article notes that when school officials were informed of the abuse:

Instead of passing the allegations on to law enforcement, as required by law, Walters sat on the complaint for two months before showing Witters the letter — revealing the girl’s identity to her alleged abuser. Witters denied the abuse allegations.

A district memo says Walters shared the girl’s letter with vice principal Simonin, and the two administrators decided “not to pursue the issue,” according to district records.

I wonder how this will affect Moraga school finances in these times of financial difficulties. Will money raised by the PTA and local community be used to offset district money used to settle the case? Maybe they can use that in their donation plea as they attempt to persuade people to donate. “We need your help to offset money from the Moraga school district as they settle all these sex scandals from the 90s. Think of the children. Thank you.”


Happy Halloween!

The reflection takes away from this image unfortunately, but this life sized image of Hannibal Lechter has probably scared countless people strolling down Locust St. in downtown Walnut Creek as they passed by the Redux Lounge during the day. Anyone surprised the first time they saw this? I have to admit I was.


Ike’s Sandwich Shop Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

Back in September Diablo Dish had the scoop on Ike’s sandwich shop coming to downtown Walnut Creek however the lease sign had been up and no work was being done, until now that is. Check out the unmistakable likeness of Ike himself plastered on the windows of the former Red Mango frozen yogurt store a couple of doors down from the Cheesecake Factory. Check out their menu here. I can’t wait to try this place out! Has anyone been to Ike’s before? How are the sandwiches?

From Ike’s website:

 Ike’s Place first opened its door on Halloween of 2007. The man behind the sandwich, Ike Shehadeh, always puts his customers happiness first. That is what sets Ike’s Place aside from the rest. When you come to Ike’s Place it is our goal to make you feel like the unique individual that you are. If that isn’t enough to set us aside, did I mention that the bread is baked fresh to order? And our soon to be patented “Ike’s Dirty Secret Sauce” is spread on every sandwich and baked right in the bread, and another layer is spread on afterwards to give it that extra flavor. Mmmmm… are you hungry yet?

I wonder if they’re going to do extensive remodeling inside or whether they can reuse Red Mango’s interior. I think it looks pretty nice in its current state:

It’s interesting how this section of downtown Walnut Creek has morphed into a giant outdoor food court, with Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle, Panera, Buckhorn Grill and of course a Starbucks.


Learn to Get Jiggy with Pole Dancing Classes at Sedusa Studios in Downtown Walnut Creek

Who knew that downtown Walnut Creek is home to a pole dancing studio? I must have walked by here a million times and the thought never even crossed my mind. Sedusa Studios is located at 1255 S. Main St. next to Children’s Place and offers a variety of classes from Stiletto Basics to Olympic Pole Training. Class are listed here.

From the Sedusa Studios website:

 We have twelve twenty foot tall dance poles, beautiful lighting, a large Go-Go Dance cage, and Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors throughout the studio. Pole Dance class sizes are kept to twelve women so that each dancer gets her own pole for the entire class. The huge space, sound system and lighting make the studio a perfect place to hold your bachelorette, birthday or holiday parties. Get your sexy on and come dance with us, soon!

Sorry guys, this is for women only.


2012 Lafayette Reservoir Run – Fun Times

Photo from Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

The 2012 Lafayette Reservoir Run was held yesterday under sunny skies with plenty of volunteers, a band and cheering friends and family. Thanks to the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and volunteers for taking the time to put on this event to help support the local community.

This year the sponsors moved to the plaza which was nicer than the parking lot across the street. For some reason it felt smaller than last year, or maybe I’m just imagining things.

Looking at the photo above, the guy in the blue shirt looks pretty speedy doesn’t he? Unfortunately he didn’t even place in the top half of his age group in the 10k race but he’s happy nonetheless. 🙂


Lafayette Reservoir Run Oct. 28th

There is still time to register for the Lafayette Reservoir Run this Sunday, October 28th. The registration form is available here and you can register the day of race. The 2 mile fun run begins at 8am, the 5k race begins at 8:30am and the 10k race begins at 8:45am. For those not running watch out for road closures. From the Lafayette police:

The City of Lafayette will be closing streets for the 20th Annual Reservoir Run, Sunday, October 28, 2012. The Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring the event. The roads the course is run on will be closed from 7:00am to 11:00am on Sunday, October 28, 2012. The Course runs on Mt. Diablo Blvd. between First Street and Lafayette Reservoir. Mt. Diablo East Bound will be closed at Paulson Court (Oakwood Athletic Club will be accessible) to First Street. Mt. Diablo West bound will closed at First Street to Paulson Court. One lane on Mt. Diablo’s North side between Happy Valley Road and El Nido Ranch Road will be open West bound ONLY for local traffic with minimal delay’s, all other streets will be completely closed with no access except in the event of an emergency.
All vehicles parked in posted-signed zones on said streets may be subject to tow.

I’ll be running the 10k for the first time. Good luck to all those running and thanks to the volunteers!


Sock Hop Alert – SusieCakes Getting Ready to Open on Oct. 27th

Back in the beginning of the month I noted that SusieCakes, a new bakery opening on October 27th in downtown Lafayette will kick it off with a sock hop from 1-4pm. As you can see the inside is finished and I can’t wait to try some of the pastries. Yum!

From the Facebook event:

You’re invited to the grand opening of the new SusieCakes in Lafayette! Not only will there be 50’s music and dancing, we’ll also have:

*Kids’ games & a coloring contest
*A balloon artist
*Face painting
*Complimentary mini-retro desserts, and
*Your photo taken in a vintage car

It wouldn’t be a party without you, so come by, see the new SusieCakes and celebrate with us on October 27th!

SusieCakes is located at 3598 Mt. Diablo Boulevard next to Pizza Antica in downtown Lafayette.