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Friday Question of the Day – Do you Use Nextdoor?

Photo by Flickr user arbyreed

The other day I was at a party when someone mentioned finding something next door. Then a few others chimed in about finding things on next door as well. I thought it was odd that so many people were finding useful things next door when it turns out they found it on the web site Nextdoor. Each micro-neighborhood has their own little website where neighbors can discuss things and offer things for trade etc. I signed up to see what’s going on and it does indeed look useful, but it felt strange having to enter my full name and complete address so I deactivated my account shortly after. So for today’s question of the day, do you use Nextdoor? Have you ever heard of it? Do you find it useful? Do the privacy implications concern you?

Friday Question of the Day – What do you think of the Orinda School District Kicking Out a Live-in Nanny’s Daughter from School?


On Thanksgiving news broke at Inside Bay Area about the Orinda School District kicking out a live-in nanny’s daughter for not technically residing in Orinda. A private investigator was hired by the Orinda School district who determined she resided at her grandmother’s house in Bay Point. However, the district reversed course this week and allowed her to remain at her Orinda school and today issued a statement about their decision:

Last month, the district notified the family of a student that the district’s residency requirement had not been met and that the student would not be permitted to continue attending a district school.  In late November, after correspondence with the family and the submission of additional documentation, the district determined that the residency requirements had been fulfilled.  The student remains enrolled in a district school.

How do you feel the Orinda School District acted by hiring a private investigator and initially kicking out the student? Did they go overboard or did they take the appropriate response to make sure that only local residents attend local Orinda schools?


Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant


With word that the Vietnamese restaurant Kevin’s Noodle House is reopening in Concord, and considering their Walnut Creek location has been open for a while now, I’m wondering what Vietnamese restaurants people have been going to. There is also Saigon Vietnamese Bistro on Newell Ave. that replaced Pho Saigon. So what’s your favorite Vietnamese restaurant?

Friday Question of the Day – What is your Favorite Wine Bar?


With news this week that a new wine bar called Cine Cuvée is coming to downtown Orinda, in addition to ADEGA Wine Bar coming to downtown Walnut Creek, not to mention a new wine bar being added to the Century Theater in Walnut Creek, I’ve been wondering what are your favorite wine bars? I’m familiar with Residual Sugar, what else is out there that you recommend?

Friday Question of the Day – Are you Worried about Ebola?

Photo by Flickr user mediciconlafrica

With news that Ebola has been spreading around the world, including the US, and John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek installing Ebola warning signs, I’ve been wondering how things are going to pan out. Are you worried that Ebola will spread to the East Bay or will this peter out over time?

Friday Question of the Day – What are you going to be for Halloween?


With Halloween right around the corner and as the Halloween costume shops start popping up, it will soon be time to decide what to go as for Halloween. My kid absolutely, positively wants to be a ninja this year. Not sure what color but ninja it will be! What are you (or your kids) planning on going as for Halloween this year? Do you plan on buying a costume or making one?

Friday Question of the Day – What Should be Done About the Orinda/New Rheem Theatres in Lamorinda?

Rheem Theatre, Moraga

According to this Contra Costa Times article the The New Rheem theater in Moraga is not profitable to the owners so for a cool $4.75 million it can be yours for the taking. Moraga Councilman Dave Trotter noted that, “Over the past two decades, our community has mobilized and worked to save the Theatre and keep it open. It may now be necessary for the Moraga community to do that again, and I believe the Town government has a legitimate role to play in making that happen.”

Should these theaters be allowed to go the way of the Pleasant Hill Dome Theater and be demolished to make way for newer buildings or should the the city government get involved to help save these iconic theaters so they can continue hosting festivals such as the California Independent Film Festival?