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The Ballet School Expanding in Downtown Walnut Creek

1357 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

The Ballet School is expanding in downtown Walnut Creek off N. Main St. in the covered passageway where boutique Norf London and the barber shop Amplify are located. There will be a few small rooms available for private pilates and music classes.

From their Facebook page:

Exciting News! We are expanding!!!! We will have 2 music rooms for private voice and piano lessons with Mr Vince. As well as a new room for Miss Kelley to have her private and duo Pilates Reformer lessons!! It’s a great space in the alley by our friends Norf London and Threads!!!!! This means a wonderful new viewing area lobby for our downstairs studio.



Friday Question of the Day – What Store would you Like to See in Ygnacio Plaza where Fresh & Easy is?


Ygnacio Plaza, Walnut Creek

Supermarkets have pulling a disappearing act lately in Walnut Creek on Ygnacio Valley Blvd. with word that Fresh & Easy will be closing soon, and Safeway closing in Encina Grande a short hop away, to be replaced by Whole Foods next year. Safeway may reappear across the street at Orchards sometime in the future. Considering that Nob Hill Foods and Trader Joe’s are close by, what supermarket or store would you most like to see where Fresh & Easy is now? Draegers? 99 Ranch?


Fresh & Easy Closing in Ygnacio Plaza Shopping Center in Walnut Creek beginning of April


Ygnacio Plaza, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for pointing out this Business Times article that reports that Fresh & Easy will be closing in Ygnacio Plaza in Walnut Creek. Employees have been telling people that April 2nd will be the last day. I noted the eventual closure way back in April of 2013, and the time has finally come so stock up on those British food items ASAP.


Smile Tu Closes in Encina Grande Shopping Center in Walnut Creek


The children’s birthday and fun center Smile Tu has closed in the Encina Grande Shopping center in Walnut Creek due to the eventual construction of the new Whole Foods store right next door where Safeway currently is. However, according to a sign in the window they are, “switching gears and going mobile with a service that can come to you.”

From their website:

We will be working on constructing a new mobile bus that can bring the party to you. For any questions or requests please email us @