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Continuing Progress on Broadway Plaza Redevelopment in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Compared to the last time we took a look at the Broadway Plaza redevelopment in downtown Walnut Creek back last November, there has been amazing progress. You can see where the windows will be, one new parking garage has been completed, and Macy’s new window is up. Check out the latest progress here. I’m looking forward to the grand opening towards the end of the year!


PetSmart Coming to Encina Grande in Walnut Creek

Ygnacio Valley Rd. & Oak Grove Rd, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader pointing out that PetSmart is coming to Encina Grande in Walnut Creek. The nearly 10,000 square foot building will be located next to Toyo Sushi and Encina Bike Shop in the Corner Tenants section. Previously we learned that construction began on a new Walgreens store on the other side and Whole Foods would be opening in October, 2016. Meanwhile across the street at the delayed Orchards shopping center, Petco is planning to open.


Monaluna Organic Fabrics Opening Shop in Walnut Creek

2061 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek

Last week we learned that an organic fabric shop may be opening in Walnut Creek and this week a Coming Soon sign confirms that the organic fabric company Monaluna is coming to this location on Mt. Diablo Blvd. right near the entrance to Highway 24.

From their website:

All of the Monaluna collections are printed on premium organic cotton with a high thread-count, which gives them an exceptionally soft and high-quality hand.

Monaluna fabrics are characterized by a graphic and modern style, and are often whimsical and humorous. After years in the children’s product market, Jennifer creates designs that are very appropriate for kids, but which can cross over to adult projects as well.



Construction Begins on New Walgreens Building at Encina Grande in Walnut Creek

Ygnacio Valley Rd. & Oak Grove Rd, Walnut Creek

Last July we learned about updated plans for Walgreens and Whole Foods at the Encina Grand shopping center in Walnut Creek and construction has now begun on the new Walgreens and is expected to open by October, 2015 according to the owner Regency Centers. This is also when the old Walgreens will close. Note that although Walgreens and Safeway will occupy newly constructed buildings, the small buildings in-between will not be demolished. There will only be a new facade added to the front. Thanks to a reader for sending updated construction photos.



The Ballet School Expanding in Downtown Walnut Creek

1357 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

The Ballet School is expanding in downtown Walnut Creek off N. Main St. in the covered passageway where boutique Norf London and the barber shop Amplify are located. There will be a few small rooms available for private pilates and music classes.

From their Facebook page:

Exciting News! We are expanding!!!! We will have 2 music rooms for private voice and piano lessons with Mr Vince. As well as a new room for Miss Kelley to have her private and duo Pilates Reformer lessons!! It’s a great space in the alley by our friends Norf London and Threads!!!!! This means a wonderful new viewing area lobby for our downstairs studio.



Friday Question of the Day – What Store would you Like to See in Ygnacio Plaza where Fresh & Easy is?


Ygnacio Plaza, Walnut Creek

Supermarkets have pulling a disappearing act lately in Walnut Creek on Ygnacio Valley Blvd. with word that Fresh & Easy will be closing soon, and Safeway closing in Encina Grande a short hop away, to be replaced by Whole Foods next year. Safeway may reappear across the street at Orchards sometime in the future. Considering that Nob Hill Foods and Trader Joe’s are close by, what supermarket or store would you most like to see where Fresh & Easy is now? Draegers? 99 Ranch?