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Bonjour Bakery & Cafe Reopens in Park ‘N’ Shop in Concord

1665 Willow Pass Rd, Concord

Last October we learned that the Japanese/Korean-style Bonjour Bakery & Cafe would be opening in the Park & Shop in Concord and while they eventually opened for a few days they closed gain to better prepare, not reopening until this month. The inside is spacious and looks quite nice and the baked goods are delicious. They are baked in the back and taste very fresh. Check out their website here. Check out plenty of photos of the inside including the drinks menu and a closeup of the choco manju after the jump.


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Kiehl’s Coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Earlier this week we learned that Lush Cosmetics is coming to Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek and now, thanks to a reader for pointing out that another skin care and cosmetics shop, Kiehl’s, is coming to Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek according to permit information submit to the city of Walnut Creek. Check out their product line at their website here.


Loard’s Ice Cream Opening this week in Concord

2151 Salvio St, Concord

Perfectly timed for the hot summer, Loard’s Ice Cream is opening across from Todos Santos Park in Concord this week. I dropped by over the weekend and they were planning on soft opening very soon. The inside looks very nice with 3 flat screen TVs embedded throughout the store. There’s a candy section with ice cream pints available in a freezer at back. In addition to the standard Loard’s fare, the owner mentioned that they will be offering house-made ice cream bars etc. for sale using Loard’s ice cream and will also offer an option to print photos directly onto cakes for birthdays and other celebrations. Sounds cool!


Photos of the inside and menu after the jump… Continue Reading


Lush Cosmetics Coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The handmade cosmetics shop Lush has confirmed they are coming to Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek and it looks like they’re going to be located in the new section directly next to Macy’s (according to a source). Check out the history of Lush here and their product line here. As you can see from the above photo taken over the weekend, the sidewalk is being completely redone along the main strip.

From their Facebook page:

We make fresh products by hand with love, including:

Bath Bombs
Bubble Bar Slices
Luxury Bath Melts
FUN – our 4-in-1 creation

Shower Jellies
Shower Gels & Smoothies
Sugar Scrubs

Solid & Liquid Shampoo
Solid & Liquid Conditioner
Hair Masks
Henna Hair Dye
Styling Gels

Shaving Creams
Lip Balms
Dusting Powders
Massage Bars
Body Butters
Hand & Body Creams
Foot Care

Solid Fragrances

Emotional Brilliance
Liquid Lipsticks
Cream Eyeshadows
Liquid Liners

And gorgeous wrapped gifts for everyone!


We’ve also created a traditional English spa, complete with jars of fresh wild flowers, mismatched vintage teacups and old-fashioned books lining the shelves. Like all LUSH products, our spa treatments are fresh and handmade. Choose from seven unique treatments and surrender yourself to an experience that lifts you up, takes you on a beautiful journey, and then sets you back on earth feeling serene and radiant.


La Femme Jewelry and Gifts Closing July 31st in Downtown Walnut Creek

1372 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

La Femme Jewelry and Gifts, which opened last September a few doors from CREAM in downtown Walnut Creek is closing July 31st.

From their Facebook page:

La Femme Jewelry and Gifts will be shutting its doors on July 31 2015. We are having a Liquidation Sale of between 30-50% off stickered prices and are also offering our beautiful Displays and Showcases.


Sur La Table getting Remodeled in Broadway Plaza – Cooking Classes coming in Sept.

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The cookware store Sur La Table is getting an interior remodel in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek and by moving their stockroom upstairs will be offering cooking classes beginning in September. Look for the remodeled section inside to open the first week of August. It’s been a few years since downtown Walnut Creek offered a place for dedicated cooking classes. Viking Home Chef used to offer cooking classes on the second floor but that closed several years ago (now occupied by Destination Maternity).